Frequently asked questions


When does on-site registration start?
Registration opens on July 12th at 14:00

When does the conference start?
The conference program starts on July 12th at 18:00

How much time should I allow for registration?
If you have already paid the conference fee, you may want to be at the venue one hour before sessions begin. If you are going to register on-site, or if you have a balance due, please allow more time.

What do I need for on-site registration?
SMBE membership printout
Cash for on-site payment
Invitation letter (if applicable)
No posters can be allowed for on-site registration

Can the registration fee be paid at the venue?
The registration fee should be paid via online registration. However, in some cases and in advance agreement, it is possible to pay the registration fee in cash at the venue.

Can I pay the registration fee at the venue by card?
No, at the venue only cash (Euro) will be accepted as a form of payment.

Can I print my registration proof at the venue?
No, there is no printing service provided. Please bring your printed registration proof with you.


Certificate of Attendance

When will I receive the Certificate of Attendance?
Certificates of Attendance will be provided on-site only upon request during opening hours of the Registration Desk.

If I forgot to request a Certificate of Attendance at the venue, can it be mailed or posted later?
Please email us. We will, however, only be able to send certificates by email.



Is there a cloakroom at the venue?
Yes, a cloakroom will be provided at the venue.

What kind of technical equipment is provided for the presenters at the conference?
Laptop, LCD Data Projector, CD/DVD-ROM Driv, presentation remote.

Are there dining possibilities at the venue?
The conference package includes lunch boxes and refreshments at coffee breaks.

What dining possibilities are there near the venue?
Please take a look at our suggestions here.

Is the conference venue accessible to people with disabilities?

Is it possible to park the car at the venue?
Car parking is not available at the venue.


Social program

How can I book one of the sightseeing tours offered as part of the social program?
Please book your tour online.

What happens if a social program tour fills up and closes?
The tours will be available on a first come first served basis . In case there are free places (according to the order of online registration), you may apply for the tour and pay on-site in cash (EUR).

What happens if I cannot participate in the social program that I have already paid for?
Unfortunately, the tickets / vouchers issued cannot be refunded. However, the ticket vouchers issued may be handed over to another person.

I missed the start of the program that I booked, but the same program will be organized the next day as well. Am I eligible to participate?
Depending on the available space and number of registrations it is possible to participate, while the fees paid to the original event cannot be refunded.

How long will a social program tour last?
Each tour will take about 2 hours.

May I invite accompanying persons to any of the social events?
Participation of an accompanying persons needs to be pre-booked.



How can I get an Official Letter of Invitation for attending a conference?
An invitation letter is provided on request to participants and accompanying persons. Please contact the congress office.
The visa process generally takes a month, please allow enough time!


Tourist information

What’s Vienna’s time zone?
Vienna is in the Central European time zone (CET = GMT / UCT + 1). Daylight saving time applies from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October (CEST).

What’s the electricity standard?
The typical mains voltage for households (as well as hotels) in Vienna is 230 volts (AC). You may need a adaptors for all European standard sockets.

What currency is used in Austria?
Austrian currency is the EURO (€). Cash machines (“Bankomat”) are available e.g.  outside banks, shopping centers, and several large supermarkets. Locations of cash machines around town:

Many shops, tourist restaurants and hotels accept credit cards but paying in cash or by bank card is preferred in most small restaurants and shops.

How do I call a Vienna landline from abroad?
The telephone prefix for calling Vienna from other countries is: + 43 1

Will my mobile work in Austria?
Only multi-band cell phones should work on the GSM network used in Europe.

My question is not listed in FAQs. Who do I contact for on-site assistance?
Please email to


Important dates

2014 Sept call for symposia

2014 Dec 10 call for abstracts, early bird registration opens

2015 Feb 8 abstract submission for oral presentation closes

2015 March 1 early bird registration closes

2015 Mar 29 abstract submission for poster presentation closes

2015 May 10 deadline for delegates to be included in abstract book

2015 June 21 online registration closes

2015 July 12-16 CONGRESS

2015 meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution / SMBE2015 | Universitätsring 1  | 1010 Wien